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Interface UnderlyingSink<W>

An underlying sink for constructing a WritableStream.

Type parameters

  • W = any


  • UnderlyingSink



Optional abort

A function that is called after the producer signals, via stream.abort() or writer.abort(), that they wish to abort the stream. It takes as its argument the same value as was passed to those methods by the producer.

Writable streams can additionally be aborted under certain conditions during piping; see the definition of the pipeTo() method for more details.

This function can clean up any held resources, much like close(), but perhaps with some custom handling.

Optional close

A function that is called after the producer signals, via writer.close(), that they are done writing chunks to the stream, and subsequently all queued-up writes have successfully completed.

This function can perform any actions necessary to finalize or flush writes to the underlying sink, and release access to any held resources.

Optional start

A function that is called immediately during creation of the WritableStream.

Optional type

type?: undefined

Optional write

A function that is called when a new chunk of data is ready to be written to the underlying sink. The stream implementation guarantees that this function will be called only after previous writes have succeeded, and never before start() has succeeded or after close() or abort() have been called.

This function is used to actually send the data to the resource presented by the underlying sink, for example by calling a lower-level API.

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